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Spotlight - Sleeping Dogs:The Awakening (a Techno-Political Thriller) by author John Wayne Falbey


      Author John Wayne Falbey                         Sleeping Dogs:The Awakening

Today's Special Spotlight is about an intriguing and fast paced Techno-Political thriller titled Sleeping Dogs:The Awakening. This novel is written by the multi talented, creative and adventurous author John Wayne Falbey with a host of creative, managerial and professional achievements to his credit.
From the Author's Desk : Sleeping Dogs:The Awakening is the first book in a trilogy. The second volume, Endangered Species, is in process and is expected to be available in summer 2014.
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Author Bio: John Wayne Falbey writes techno-political spy thrillers and adventure novels. His debut novel, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, has been endorsed by Compulsory Reads. He also is the author of The Quixotics, a tale of gunrunning, guerilla warfare, and treachery in the Caribbean. 
A native Floridian and former transactional attorney, he is a real estate investor and developer in Southwest Florida. The writers currently at the top of his reading list include Brad Thor, Alex Berenson, Lee Child, and David Baldacci, among others. 
His latest novel, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, is the first in a planned trilogy about the deadly black ops group known as the Sleeping Dogs. Book Two in the series, Endangered Species, is planned for publication next summer. 
In addition to the Juris Doctor degree, he earned Master and Doctoral degrees in business management. 
He is a frequent lecturer, panelist, and moderator for professional symposiums in the real estate development industry, and is Managing Director of the Falbey Institute for the Development of Real Estate, as well as a Managing Director of Capital Four Advisors. In his spare time, he is a competitive cyclist and triathlete. 

Book Spotlight - Sleeping Dogs : The Awakening

Ebook :  SLEEPING DOGS : THE AWAKENING ( A Techno-Political Thriller)

Author :  John Wayne Falbey

Genre :  Techno - Political Thriller

Amazon Stores :

Reviews : 22  ( 18 x 5 stars)

Achievements : Endorsed by Compulsion Reads -

Book Synopsis 

The President of the United States has been targeted for assassination—by his own party’s power structure. A national election is pending and the killing must look as if the opposition party is responsible. Desperate to prevent the crime and avoid an overwhelming defeat, the opposition turns to the only force that can stop it this late in the game—a mysterious hunter-killer team known only as the Sleeping Dogs. 

This blackest of black ops units was formed to carry out the wettest, most illegal missions. But a U.S. President, fearing exposure of the unit’s existence could spark an international crisis, ordered its members terminated with extreme prejudice. They faked their deaths in a plane crash and went underground. Now, 20 years later, they are asked to leave the safety of their anonymity and risk their lives for their country one more time. 

A seemingly unconnected car crash rapidly escalates into a series of plot twists and rising body count involving Russian agents, crooked politicians, Ukrainian gangsters, a billionaire international arbitrageur, a secret society of individuals in the military and intelligence communities, the CIA, a doggedly determined FBI agent, and the six deadliest men on earth—the surviving Sleeping Dogs. 

Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening is a techno-political spy thriller that combines relentless action, crisp dialogue, fully drawn characters, and thought provoking plot twists. If you enjoy books by David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Lee Child and other best-selling thriller writers, this book is for you!


Chapter Excerpt
“It is nought good a slepying hound to wake.”
- Chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde


1 Georgetown: Coincidence

The tilting streetlight acted like a floodlight in the mist, focused on the Jeep. Through the crazed pattern in the damaged windshield, Whelan saw that the limo had stopped in the middle of the intersection. The limo driver and another man got out. Both were large men, dressed in badly fitting, out of fashion dark suits and solid color ties. Each wore an earbud. As they drew closer, he saw that each was wearing a brass nametag pinned to a breast pocket. The limo driver’s said “Borys.” His companion’s said “Vadim.”
As they approached on the driver’s side, Vadim stopped near the rear of the vehicle. Borys leaned his six-foot-five-inch frame down and peered carefully through the driver’s window. Whelan knew what he’d see: an ordinary looking man. Except for his eyes. They were an icy blue, like the color of a deep glacial crevasse, and they were locked onto Borys’s eyes with no sign of emotion. Whelan saw that it unnerved Borys.
“You are all right, yes?” Borys said. Whelan recognized an Eastern European accent.
“You have identification, yes?” Borys held out a meaty hand for emphasis.
With his right hand, Whelan reached slowly into his front pocket and pulled out his wallet. He removed a driver’s license and handed it to Borys. As the large man took it, Whelan noticed the back of his hand was heavily tattooed, even his fingers.
Borys squinted at the ID in the poor light and said, “Walter Bailey. From Omaha, Nebraska.” His W sounded more like a V. English was his second language. Barely.
“That’s right.”
Borys spoke a single word in his native tongue and pointed to the ground next to the Jeep. The word was foreign to Whelan but he understood the gesture. Get out of the truck.
He kept his right hand visible on the steering wheel. With his left, he slowly reached down and opened the door. In the process, he nicked his little finger on a piece of glass from the broken windshield. A small trickle of blood began to ooze from the cut.
Borys motioned Whelan out into the street. The three men stopped directly beneath the tilting streetlight. As they did, Borys suddenly raised a hand to his earbud. It drew Whelan’s attention to the additional tattoos on Borys’s neck. He glanced quickly at Vadim and saw similar body graffiti. He recognized them as gang symbols—for an especially ruthless Ukrainian crime syndicate.
Borys listened for a few moments to the voice coming through the earpiece then glanced at Vadim. They each took a step backward, swiftly pulling Glock 17s from the waistband of their pants.  Borys said, “You are not this man, Bailey.”
Whelan said nothing.
Borys stepped closer and raised the Glock so that it was angled about 45 degrees with the ground and pointing just to the outside of Whelan’s left kneecap.
“I have good nose for bullshit,” said Borys, tapping the side of his thick nose with a meaty forefinger. He turned slightly to smirk at Vadim. When he did, the muzzle of the weapon edged away from Whelan’s knee. It was his moment of opportunity.
Whelan moved faster than Borys’s brain could relay a message from his eyes to his trigger finger. He wrapped his left hand around Borys’s thick right wrist just above the gun in his hand. Half turning to his left, he wrapped his right arm over and around the big man’s right arm. His forearm was just above Borys’s elbow. Borys, like a hound with a flea, tried to shake free of the man who was more than 50 pounds lighter. To his shock, he couldn’t.
Whelan swiftly brought his right knee up, then drove the heel of his shoe down and into the outside of Borys’s right knee. The technique forced the tibia out of the knee socket, destroying the tibial collateral and anterior cruciate ligaments and ripping the meniscus. He heard the satisfying pop as Borys’s knee buckled at a grotesque angle. He quickly and smoothly swung Borys’s bulk into Vadim’s line of fire.
Seamlessly, Whelan’s left hand pulled down forcefully on Borys’s wrist while he simultaneously drove his forearm upward against the big man’s upper arm. With another popping sound, Borys’s elbow joint dislocated and the weapon fell from his hand. Its polymer frame made a dull clattering sound as it hit the pavement. As Borys screamed in agony and began to collapse, Whelan literally threw the 300-pound man at Vadim. He sprinted up Borys’s massive falling body like a running back scaling linemen at the goal line. At the top, he launched a flying kick, his right heel smashing Vadim’s nose, nearly ripping it from his face. It snapped his head back. Stunned, Vadim staggered backward and almost fell.
Before Vadim could recover and refocus his weapon, Whelan closed the gap and grabbed his gun hand, thrusting a finger behind the trigger to prevent firing. He drove a knee forcefully into Vadim’s groin. A loud grunt exploded from the injured man’s lips. His knees buckled and he grabbed desperately at his assailant for support. But Whelan was too quick. He had both hands on Vadim’s right wrist and swung it up and around, careful to keep the weapon pointing away from him. He continued to sweep the arm backward and up, a difficult maneuver for ordinary people with a man as large as Vadim. But, genetically, Whelan was far from ordinary.
He tugged Vadim toward him, forcing him to shift his weight to his right foot, which Whelan swept from under him. The big man did a forward somersault and landed on the back of his neck. Before he could recover, Whelan drove the heel of his right shoe deep onto the soft tissue of Vadim’s unprotected throat, destroying his windpipe, larynx, and the scream that tried to rise from it. Unable to breathe, he quickly lost consciousness and would be dead in less than three minutes.
Whelan turned back to Borys, who was writhing in pain on the street. He picked up both men’s Glocks, then bent over Borys for an instant and brought the butt of one of the Glocks down, crushing the man’s forehead and driving bone splinters into his frontal lobes. It may not have been a deathblow, but at the very least it was enough to destroy motor skills, libido, and problem-solving and creative thought processes. Borys, if he survived, would be in a vegetative state for his remaining years.
Whelan shifted his attention to the black limo, knowing that time was running very short. Neighbors would have heard the crash. By now, they would have called the authorities. He walked swiftly, but cautiously, toward the car, keeping one Glock focused on the middle of the windshield and the other on the left rear window. When he was still fifteen feet away, the right rear door opened and another large man climbed out. He was dressed similarly to Borys and Vadim. He brought his weapon up, bracing his arms on the limo’s roof for stability. Whelan opened fire with both of the 9mm Glocks. One hollow-point round pierced the bodyguard’s left eye and exited the back of his skull, taking much of his brain matter with it. His head snapped backward, and his body countered by toppling forward. The corpse slid clumsily down the side of the limo, leaving a bloody streak all the way to the rocker panel.
As Whelan drew close to the limo, the left rear window began to slide down. He aimed both Glocks into the darkness behind it. A face slowly emerged. He kept both weapons trained on it and made a quick scan of the car’s interior. The passenger was alone. He was wearing a dark brown double-breasted Burberry trench coat and clutching a cordovan leather attaché case in his hands. His face had collected more wrinkles and his hair, still parted in the same style, was much grayer and thinner, but the years had been kind to him and Whelan recognized him immediately.
“My God! It is you!” the older man said. “But…you’re dead!” And then it was he who was dead; shot in the middle of the forehead by a slug from one of the Glocks.

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Spotlight : Under Fire (a Dan Taylor Thriller) by author Rachel Amphlett

Author Rachel Amphlett
Under Fire ( A Dan Taylor Thriller)

Today's Special Spotlight is part of the popular action-thriller series titled Under Fire written by the multi talented author Rachel Amphlett. Under Fire is a Dan Taylor thriller which has proven to be a fast paced, edge of the seat read in this genre.

Watch the amazing booktrailer on You Tube :

From the Author's desk : Special limited offer -- The eBook format of Under Fire will be reduced on Amazon Kindle from $3.99 to 0.99c between 9-13 January 2014.

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Author's Twitter handle: @RachelAmphlett 

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Book Spotlight - Under Fire

Ebook : UNDER FIRE ( A Dan Taylor Thriller)

Author : Rachel Amphlett

Genre : Thriller/Suspense, Action/Adventure, Military

UK Amazon Stores :

US Amazon Stores : 

Author's "Where to Buy" page on author website:

Reviews : Multiple 5 stars

 Book Synopsis

An explosion rocks a Qatari natural gas facility… a luxury cruise liner capsizes in the Mediterranean… and someone has stolen a submarine…

Are the events connected?

Dan Taylor doesn’t believe in coincidences – all he has to do is convince his superiors they are next in the terrorists’ line of fire.

As Britain enters its worst winter on record, Dan must elude capture to ensure the country’s energy resources are protected. At all costs.

In an action-packed adventure, from the Middle East through the Mediterranean to London, Dan and his team are on a quest which will test every choice he makes.  Assisted by the exotic Antonia Almasi, Dan realises he faces an adversary far greater than he ever imagined.

And not everyone is going to survive.

To read reviews and /view ratings for this book, please check out the following websites :

Amazon :

Author's website:


San Francisco Book Review:

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Free Download this Ebook to your Kindle this New Year - Dec 27 thru Dec 29, 2013

Dear readers,

FREE DOWNLOAD : Dec 27, Dec 28 and Dec 29, 2013 from Amazon Kindle Stores worldwide. A gift idea, an interesting, short and good read at your leisure during New Year celebrations with family and friends.

Amazon Kindle :

Ebook : 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life

Genre : Fiction - inspirational short story collection, Family & relationships

US/ India Amazon Kindle :

UK Amazon Kindle :

Germany Amazon Kindle :

Reviews : 4-5 stars, 18  

Blurb :  Life is a gift. It's for one to decide how to best utilize it. 12 short stories highlighting life changing and decisive moments of 12 fictional characters brought together by a common friend in their life. Did they get a second chance at life? Tales of adventures and expectations from life, tales of inspiration, love and support and tales of life changing moments cherished and tenderly collated through these 12 short, fictional stories.

View all reviews for this Ebook at (Click this link)

Some customer reviews for this Ebook have been posted here from Amazon for your reference - 
4.0 out of 5 stars Good and quick Read, October 23, 2012
the book 12 Precious Anecdotes From Life by Payal Roy is a book of short stories that are connected by the characters within it. though this book is not dramatic or flashy it is a wonderful read. Each story is a look at a moment in time and is written so that not only do the characters learn something about them self and life but you as the reader looking in also get to come away with a lesson or two. i have to say also this was one of those books that for me was what i consider to be a quick read under two hours from start to finish.Over all a good book and worth a little of your time to go read and enjoy. Two thumbs up for this one.
4.0 out of 5 stars Pleasant, December 30, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I found this short book to be a delight. It was interesting to see how the characters interrelated to one another and the truths behind the stories can not be denied.

The truths should be kept in the forefront of all our minds and live in our hearts.
5.0 out of 5 stars Important Life's Lessons, October 28, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a pleasant, refreshing collection of twelve short stories, each carrying a message on how to live a better life; how to appreciate life; and how to be a better person. I think everybody, young and old, can take something away from this collection. A very lovely book.

Carole McKee, Author

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PDMI Publishing LLC presents collage of 6 Top Selling Books and Best Reads

Today blog Wonderworld is most privileged to present you PDMI Publishing LLC from USA who have brought with them a brilliant reading basket full of best book titles across different genres you love to read. Let's learn more about the work PDMI does for authors and readers alike, and the vibrant collection of book titles published or soon to be released by PDMI Publishing exclusively for your reading entertainment!

Q. What is PDMI Publishing and how are authors benefited by your work?
PDMI Publishing, LLC is a small but growing independent press located in Alabama, USA.  We pride ourselves in being a very personal publisher that works to build a team around an author so that each and every book is the very best it can be.  Our authors, illustrators and editors, formatting and graphics designers form a close knit group prepared to cross-promote, critique and provide ongoing support during the publishing journey.  

Q. Where can interested authors and readers contact your team?
Here are the direct links to our website for authors as well as readers to contact us:
Authors, please reach us at : 
PDMI bookstore : 

PDMI Publishing would like to introduce six published book titles as seen in this month’s collage. Please stop by and check out the topselling books at PDMI's publishing store!  

This beautiful collage of 6 top selling books is presented to you by Victoria Adams and her very talented team at PDMI Publishing, LLC who sincerely support authors in their book publishing and consultations.

Top Sellers available at PDMI Publishing store
These books look really really interesting! Friends, let's learn something more about these top selling books and their authors. Let's find out what their stories are about! 

CHARMEINE by author Emily Guido 
Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy.
Publisher : PDMI Publishing LLC
Blurb : The first book of Emily Guido’s Light-Bearer Series and written for mid to early teens.“Can a romance develop between a Hellish Vampire Blood-Hunter and a Heavenly Light-Bearer?”

Amazon Store :

VAMPIRE SYNDROME (Book1) by author Daven Anderson
Genre : Young Adult version
Publisher : PDMI Publishing LLC

Blurb : Certainly a different twist for the vampire genre when a Special Olympics champion finds himself forever changed and drawn into the conflict between our own beloved earthly vampires and a space-alien race of “Pures.” 

To be Released : DECEPTION PEAK by author Dianne Lynn Gardner
Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher : PDMI Publishing LLC

Blurb : Available in early October, this is Dianne Gardener’s opening to a wonderful, family-friendly fantasy, the Saga of Ian’s Realm.  It all starts when Ian and his father accidentally enter the Realm through a role playing game on his father’s computer.  The magic goes beyond the story line as Dianne’s fine art illustrations create a world you’ll want to spend time in. 

Reedited and remastered for re-release by PDMI. Check out Dianne’s website for news about releases, music written for the series, award winning trailers and more!  Visit the author's blog to learn more about this novel at :  


Genre : Non Fiction, Positivity and Inspirational
Publisher : PDMI Publishing LLC

Blurb : One of our nonfiction publications, Mary Banos uses her own life experiences to help others learn ways to guide themselves to a more fulfilling future.  “Regardless of your past, regardless of your obstacles, and regardless of what other people think – you can create your own path, and reach your goals and dreams in life.”  Recently re-edited and soon to be re-released by PDMI Publishing.

Amazon Store : 

New Release : WAITING FOR SANTA by author Great King, illustrated by Dane Eichinger
Genre : Children's Books
Publisher : Tari Books 

Blurb : “Trying hard to stay awake, on Christmas Eve, a little girl begins to wonder what Santa might bring her--- and just how he gets all around the world to deliver all of those present in one night?”
Amazon Stores : 

Soon to be Released : WIGGLE WORM'S SHAPE ADVENTURE by authors Kathy and Karen Sills; Illustrations by Virgina Lori Jennings
Genre :  Children's Books
Publisher : PDMI Publishing LLC

Blurb :  As experienced teachers, Kathy and Karen know how to make learning an adventure.  This adorable book is scheduled to be released in October.